Sally Upton. Yoga and Holistic Health Coach. Mother. Warrior. Kind. Fair. Honest. Open. Happy.

Since 2005, when I lived in NYC, I've been aware of the Institute of Integrative Health and the training they offer to become a Health Coach. I knew it was for me and yet I procrastinated. For years! I just didn’t see how I could fit the studying alongside my ‘very cool’ and busy Advertising job. Sure I read the health books, took the yoga classes and 'knew' what I should be doing, but I could never justify to myself taking the plunge that could lead to a career change. And then BOOM! I become a mother. I say ‘BOOM’ because that's how it felt; one day I was carefree, hedonistic and wild and the next I was responsible, scheduled and full of a deep- need to do the right thing, be an inspiration, present the best path. A life-changing BOOM required a life-changing path.
I signed up.

You see, I want to help people realise their potential, enjoy life and feel, well…brilliant. I don't believe in diets and slimming clubs and I don't believe in being denied or deprived. I don't think feeling good, healthy and becoming your best YOU should be painful, boring, difficult or tiring. I don't like extremists, unrealistic lifestyles and overly rigid plans. I do like positivity and action, and I can help you in a flexible, realistic way. My hope is that it’ll be fun, too!

I believe that if you want to be the best YOU you can be, that if you want to vibrate with energy and buzz around feeling and looking fabulous, we need to work on a lifestyle plan that is sustainable for life. My Health training is broad and I can offer support with your personal goals.

At the moment I'm not taking on any clients. After a couple of years of intense knee surgeries I need to focus on my journey forward toward becoming strong physically. It's a time consuming effort and in line with my health and yoga training I understand the need to put myself first to heal and regain the strength and energy needed to help others.