I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher 2013 (RYT) I trained with Sue Woodd, Marit Griffith and Julie Hanson for The Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training, qualifying with a Yoga Alliance 200hour. The SYTT training includes Vinyasa Krama practices of Seasonal flow and Ashtanga, training and practice in Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas, Mantra, Anatomy and physiology, Meditation, Chakras and Nadis, Chi Gung and the philosophy of yoga.

Hello my lovely Yogis,

During 2023 I will be offering more of my Seasonal Yoga Weekly Classes, Sound Bath Evenings, Day retreats for Art and Yoga, and limited one-2-one slots. 

I will keep this page updated with all available classes and courses.

I’m using the GymCatch.com booking system, as I find it a simple and easy way for you to book and for me to manage things. It’s pretty straightforward, just search for Mind Body Inspired and filter by date or by ‘Courses’. 

I like to book the weekly classes in blocks of 5 or 6, but please know that if you miss a few classes you can roll these on to the next course. Likewise, if booking a block just doesn’t work for you, there is a Drop-In option on GymCatch. I also try to give the ‘live’ option on Zoom, so if you are unable to make a class in person but still want to practice, you have that option. 

For the weekly classes I have a WhatsApp group for ease of communication. If you’re not in that and want to be, please let me know. 

As always, I’d like to let you know how grateful I am to those of you who have joined me on this journey. I love our yoga community, the support that we offer each other, and the fact we can all bring some calm into our chaotic world. 

See you soon! Remember, it's ok not to be ok. Try to look for the light and be kind always. 

Peace and Love

Sally xx


The mornings of our retreat days are spent enjoying yoga postures which help nourish the body and compliment the season. In the afternoons we experiment with art, colours and creativity to express a seasonal theme. We take an hour for lunch and, weather permitting, enjoy a short post-lunch walk. We learn about living our lives in tune with the seasons and opening our minds and bodies to the rhythms of nature. Some of those who come along are apprehensive about yoga. Others might be nervous about the art. But the whole day is planned to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable no matter their level. No extreme yoga, no judgements with the art. Just a chance to relax in a safe, friendly and fun environment.  

Come alone or bring a friend and enjoy a well-earned break from the day-to-day routine. Our aim is to make sure that you leave feeling refreshed, replenished and inspired. You never know, you may even find yourself signing up for the next retreat!

If you are joining my classes:

What to bringA mat - please. Dress in layers. With the heater the room will get very warm, but could start off chilly in the cooler months. Bring water, a blanket for relaxation, and a smile.

Pregnancy:I have not taken any specalised certificates for teaching people who are pregnant. My studies and teacher training does cover some basic advice and I will suggest alternatives when necessary. If you are pregnant and want to attend the classes I will provide you with a handout that outlines my policies.

When I was pregnant, from personal experience I can recommend the following: Fully qualified for teaching yoga during pregnancy, Check out the wonderful Zoe Martin at http://www.yogaleicester.co.uk/ she looked after me during pregnancy no 2.

For pre and postnatal pilates and other other pregnancy related fitness (not yoga), I also recommend the lovely Joanne Helcke at http://www.joannahelcke.com/zest4lifeuk/ she looked after me post no 1 and throughout no 2.